There is enough of God to have all that I could ever want today. There is no shortage of God’s presence or living water. It is all for my taking.

I heard a quote recently from my local pastor that so many Christians have an enormous rear view mirror and a tiny windshield; meaning that too many of us are looking back instead of looking forward. I have been really wanting to write about some of these things and highlight how God uses seasons to transform us, recognizing the signs and moving forward. So, here we go!

I still remember Jim Ored in Kona sharing a word about doing things where there is no recognition and how he put it, “not feeling the glory.” There are seasons that happen to us that coincide with pains and experiences most that can be unexpected. What I have been observing is that there are so many Christians going to church, working their 9-5 job and taking care of their families, but they aren’t living free. It seems they are still stuck in a season when God wants them to move on. I don’t mean to come off indifferent towards peoples hurts, because pain is real and Jesus was a man of many sorrows, but what about rebirth and new beginnings? Isn’t the Christian life about dying to live and losing our life to find it?

At my church The Rock of Roseville, we are going through a series called, “Finding God in your Next…” Essentially, whatever is to come NEXT we love the life God has given us and choose to trust Him. For us to walk in this revelation our faith must be tested. I think we as Christians have believed for too long that God doesn’t test us and He won’t give us more than we can handle. Both of these are lies. Proverbs 17:3 says, “The crucible is for silver and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the heart.” That verse alone has spoken volumes to me as I have realized that every circumstance is an opportunity to manifest Jesus and not my flesh. God does this because He loves us and wants us to purely be love and we cannot be unless the impurities are taken out with fire.

We also must stop misquoting 1 Corinthians 10:13 and realize that God never promised this life would be cookie cutter and while you can read what I said and think, “well yeah obviously” a lot of times that does not reflect our prayer life or our attitude. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is talking about temptation not suffering and as hard as life gets, we as sons and daughters of God have triumphant power to overcome ANYTHING! Think about it, as much as it boggles our mind, Jesus was a man just as much as He was God, but He never gave in to His flesh, nor did He fail to carry out His Fathers work.

Let us be vigilant and ask God, Am I keeping myself stuck in this season? God is faithful to answer and wants to have conversation with us. The reason why I bring all this up, is because too many times to count I have gotten stuck in a season or been unwilling to move forward. I truly believe that if every Christian decided to wholeheartedly believe the Bible and decide to let go of offense and give God all the pain, this world would change overnight. There are questions that God may never answer and there are realities that sadly are in our lives such as disabilities and ailments, but that should not limit our faith or trust in God. The most powerful generation will be one that simply takes God at His word and lays down their life just because they are in love and to follow Him anywhere. 

If ALL of God is in ALL of us by Holy Spirit, then that means that we truly need ALL of Him to live this life and nothing can be done on our own strength! So no more tiny windshields. Yes, the past experiences have helped form us to who we are today, but that does not mean we stay there. I have been reminding myself recently that I must love God just for who He is and not just because He gives me good things. Otherwise, when I have nothing my posture towards God will turn sour! I must attain more faith and be as reckless as Paul. This life will always throw at me everything at once, but I have God inside of me that can carry it for me. It will be a battle for you, but it’s a daily surrender and the peace that surpasses understanding is coming for you. Things will get better if you will get on your knees and trust He is in control. God is good because He is God and that’s it.


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