It has been much time since my last post for a few reasons. I don’t even know if I have steady flux of readers, but I am glad and even humbled that many of you take the time out of your day to glance or read through what God is teaching me for a few moments. Moving on..

I am still stuck on this topic not just because it has been one of my biggest personal breakthroughs, but because I see so many young people who don’t know who they are, or what makes them special. You can have big dreams, but you will not get very far if you have a small god and even smaller knowledge of who you are in Christ.

Outside of my personal times with God, someone who I have been listening to for quite some time now and always seems to bring my heart to leap to its feet is Dan Mohler. He is the guy who mentored Todd White and if you don’t know who either of these two mighty men of God are, then click on their names and give a listen. Why I mention these two is for a few reasons, but the first being their identity. Both of these men know who they are and they walk in it. Now I don’t want to elevate man over God, but I do want to point out what they are doing that Jesus was the greatest at being. Jesus was fully God and fully man walking in a close communion with The Holy Spirit tied to The Father. Both Todd and Dan are normal guys, but when you listen to them there’s something different in their step, attitude and authority. Something that makes you want to burst and pray for everyone you meet for the rest of your life. It’s something that is impressionable.

Have you ever met someone who was so strange but so lovable where there was an ambiguousness or magnetic pull about them? Saved or not I know we have all met those people that we have been drawn to for one reason or another. One in particular was when I began to get close to a particular family friend who helped me greatly in 2012 when I was getting ready to leave for DTS. He became one of the most interesting people I had ever talked to and his relationship with God was strong and he seemed to have a lot of wisdom. But what drew me even more to him was his personality. There is no one more quirky and free thinking than this guy and our conversations would range from God, theology, sound waves to art. We would spend hours in his studio as I was busy making my t-shirts I was selling to fundraise and I learned so much from him. He was and is what I would call impressionable, because he knows what makes him unique and his relationship with God is rooted in that.

When we are less concerned about what the world thinks of us and especially the people around us, we become free and are able to enter into a greater level of intimacy because then we are only concerned with what God thinks of us. Now I know we may think a lot of what we would call “sold out Christians,” as weird, but who set that standard? Yes people have made mistakes, but why should that deviate us from being wild and in love outwardly for Jesus? I know that many can even make being overly different or unique as their identity by the clothes they wear or what they listen to, but I am talking about the sheep that rest beside still waters and know their Shepherds voice (Psalm 23 & John 10:27). What if being unique became a lot less about our style, tastes and trends and became more about being like Jesus. I know that may sound paradoxical sounding, but I guess it is in a sense. But the truth is, you will never be more unique and free in who you are when you become like Him and receive His dreams, purposes and work unto fulfilling His will. 

I enjoy looking funny to the world now in lots of ways that would have made me incredibly embarrassed a few years ago. But I don’t care anymore! In this, I am led to my final statement. In being unique and serving God,

How do we leave a legacy only leaving behind the finger prints of God?

Don’t feel you have to be so unique to the worlds standards or to please man that you veer from doing what you do for God from a place of being in love with Him and that alone. The last thing we need is another pastor or mentor who falls because they became more man conscious instead of Jesus conscious. We must not deviate from the Gospel, which is unique alone because it is the only gift with a promise with no strings attached! Romans 10:9 says, “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Let’s remember that we are special and that Jesus + nothing = Everything!

So next time you are wondering if you are special and unique in who God has made you to be, remember that Ephesians 2:6 says we are seated with Him in heavenly realms! We are royalty!

God is good Amen.


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